About us

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for over 60 years.

We are distributors of petroleum products and mineral oils, following a family tradition that began in 1956, thanks to the initiative of Mario and Mauro Barontini, who made it a life project.

Over the years, commitment, passion and sacrifice have made the difference and driven the company forward, despite periods of recession, to become a significant presence throughout the Island of Elba and to expand and diversify, whilst always focusing on great customer service.

The precious support of the family and the subsequent entry of daughter Annalisa, have opened new horizons for the company and our great attention to the innovative thrusts taking place in our industry has enabled us to become the first Independent Petrol Station in the area and free to purchase fuels directly from the traditional main suppliers, according to availability and price.

This freedom allows us to offer the best service at the best possible price without affecting the quality of our products, thanks to the short supply chain and direct control over transport of the product.

The importance we have always attributed to the quality of our service is the essential element of our business and is pursued through continuous investment in our supply systems, in the training of our human resources and in the most up-to-date technologies in the sector, in addition to particular attention to the health and safety of workers and commitment to protect the environment. All this has been fundamental in achieving our goals and will continue to be so as we overcome future challenges.

Our initiatives

We firmly believe in the importance of sharing values with other concerns throughout the area. This is why we support and encourage social and enterprise projects in the local community.


Passion, loyalty, team play and determination are some of the values our company shares with the world of sport. For this reason and over many years we have sponsored a number of associations and sporting events, embracing a wide range of disciplines, from archery, tennis and swimming to rallying. Our sports partnership portfolio includes A.S.D. Arcieri Del Mare, Sporting Club Marciana Marina and Rally Elba.

Tournament Le Mimose 2022


Hours of play

Community Action

As we are aware that even the smallest contribution is precious to those who strive daily to improve lives, we are proud to make our contribution to the initiatives undertaken by the company ACG Italia s.r.l., who supply special vehicles to local associations providing transport assistance.

Start Ups

We support and team up with Elbaeat, a young, rapidly expanding delivery app that allows customers to choose their favourite dish from local restaurants and get it delivered right to their doorstep as quickly as possible.

A brand new local service that makes daily life a bit easier and meets the needs of today’s, increasingly digital world.