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Our service stations only distribute fuels from the largest oil companies in Italy. A controlled supply chain and the use of the latest generation systems are a guarantee of excellent service: triple fuel filtering system, probes for the constant control of our products and technologically advanced dispensers.

The safety of our products

Super unleaded petrol

RON 95 petrol is a high quality fuel characterized by a high anti-knock power (RON value – Research Octane Number greater than 95) and complies with the requirements of European standard EN 228, with the legal requirements and customs regulations in force and with Legislative Decree No. 55 – March 31, 2011 implementation of Directive 2009/30/EC. Contains no metal additives. The product, obtained from the distillation of crude oil, is used to drive internal combustion engines with controlled ignition. It is a highly flammable, transparent, colourless and oily liquid with a sharp odour. From one litre of oil, only 10% becomes petrol after the first simple distillation To be marketed in Italy, it must meet the European specification EN228. The main characteristics are:
  • Clear appearance
  • Sufficient volatility for rapid ignition of the engine
  • Sulphur-free
  • Excellent antiknock ability

Diesel fuel

Diesel fuel used in diesel engines must have excellent combustion qualities to reduce the delay between injection into the combustion chamber and the moment in which it ignites when the appropriate temperatures and pressure are reached. The product complies with the European standard UNI EN 590, with legal requirements and customs regulations. The most important characteristics from the point of view of the use of the product include sulphur content lower than or equal to 0.001% by weight, equal to 10 parts per million (ppm) and minimum cetane number (diesel index) required, equal to 51 in normal diesel oils for motor vehicles. It does not contain metal additives and biodiesel or more properly FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Esters), can contain up to a maximum of 7%.


AdBlue is an additive developed for the chemical and automotive sectors composed of a high purity aqueous solution of urea at a concentration of 32.5%; it is a colourless, clear and odourless, or with a slight ammonia odour, liquid. An indispensable product for the operation of diesel cars equipped with S.C.R. (Selective Catalytic Reduction) catalyst, it enables the reduction of nitrogen oxides (up to – 80%) and particulate matter (up to – 40%). Without requiring mechanical adjustments, it promotes good engine working and even facilitates a reduction in diesel fuel consumption (up to 5%). Properties:
  • Improved engine performance
  • Reduced consumption
  • Significantly reduced emissions in exhaust gases produced by diesel engine vehicles
  • New generation vehicles become compliant with the emission limits set by strict European Union regulations.

Denatured Diesel

Denatured diesel is specifically formulated for agricultural and fishing/marine purposes. From a fiscal point of view, it benefits from a reduced VAT and excise duty compared to traditional diesel and for this reason it is treated with a fuel dye that gives it a characteristic green colour before its sale. Denatured diesel fuel complies with the European standard UNI EN 590, legal requirements and customs regulations. Contains no metal additives. FAME, allowed under current legislation, may not always be present in the delivered product.


Our wide and varied range of lubricants is able to provide the right answer to the lubrication needs of each engine and the needs of each user. For each application, we can always supply a high-tech product, capable of ensuring reliability and constant performance over time.
  • Automotive lubricants include products intended for the lubrication of petrol and diesel engines intended for automotive passenger and commercial vehicles.
  • Heavy duty lubricants include high quality products, specially formulated to meet the needs of diesel engines of large commercial vehicles and in general of all transport vehicles.
  • Grease, a complete range of grease products aimed at the industrial and automotive sectors.
  • Industrial lubricants, products intended for the lubrication of industrial machinery, such as hydraulic oils, turbine oils, compressor oils, rolling fluids, bearing oils and industrial gear oils.

Antifreeze and additives

Ready-to-use cooling fluids, or for dilution in water according to individual needs, and a wide range of specific high-tech products with exclusive formulations capable of maintaining, solving specific problems and achieving maximum performance.
  • Winter antifreeze additives, specific for the treatment of diesel fuel for vehicles/heating.
  • Inhibitors of corrosion and biological degradation (Algae and Bacteria) of diesel fuel used both as fuel and as fuel oil and for oil circulation systems.
  • Detergent fluid for cleaning pumps, valves, injectors and combustion chamber of all diesel engines without having to resort to any type of component dismantling.